Two Great Search Options

During our 15+ years experience in hospitality recruitment, we have perfected two great fee options.  We are confident you will find an option that best suits your budget and needs.  

Choose 1 of these 2 Great Search Options

Both searches guarantee great candidates or you pay nothing.

Option 1.


Fee is based on % of persons annual salary

How Contingency Search Works:

1. Select Fee

Fee is once off and is paid when the person starts.  It's calculated as a percentage of basic annual salary.  Select either 14% of annual salary which offers a 3-month guarantee on the candidate or 17% which offers a 6-month guarantee.

2. Brief Us

Let us know the details of the job, package and what requirements you would like the candidates to have.

3. Search & Interviews

We will search for, brief, screen and then send you candidates that meet the job requirements and are interested.  We also assist in setting up interviews.

4. Offer & Negotiation

Once you are ready to make an offer we will help you with references (on request) and any offer negotiation (if required)

5. Make Payment & Validate Guarantee

Once the candidate starts working we will invoice you for their fee.  Payment will be due within 30 days to validate the guarantee.

6. Replacement Guarantee

We offer 1 free replacement per contingency search.  If the new employee leaves for any reason within the guarantee period we will replace them at no charge provided the payment was made on time.  

Option 2.


Fee is a fixed rate of $2500 

How Flat Fee Search Works:

1. Pay Fee

Flat Fee is $2500 once off and is paid before we start the search.

2. Brief Us

Let us know the details of the job, package and provide us with 3 mandatory requirements a candidate must have.

3. Search & Interviews

We send you a minimum of 3 (usually more) suitable and interested candidates that meet all 3 mandatory requirements.

You will contact them directly and are responsible for all interviews, references and offer negotiation.

4. Hire

Because you pre-paid the Flat Fee search we won't charge you when you hire someone, even if you hire more than one person we send you.  

5. Refund

If we are unable to send you at least 3 candidates that meet the mandatory requirements within 30 days we will refund the full fee.  If someone we send turns down the offer and you have less than 3 people left to choose from we will send you an additional candidate at no charge.

No refunds are given if the position is cancelled, put on hold, we have sent 3 or more candidates or you have hired someone we sent.

6. Replacement

Flat Fee we do not guarantee the candidates, however, if someone you hire does not work out you can always go back and offer the job to one of the other people we sent at no charge. 

7. Optional Replacement Guarantee

You can purchase a free replacement guarantee on a candidate hired from a Flat Fee search.  

Cost: $1,000 for 3 month free replacement or $1500 for 6 month free replacement

Free replacement guarantee for a Flat Fee search must be paid no later than 7 days after the new hire starts.

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