Hospitality Recruitment

Welcome to HOSPITALIO, your  partner in hospitality recruitment for over two decades. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours fill critical positions, saving them time and resources.

Our comprehensive recruitment process guarantees you quality candidates, fitting perfectly within your budget.

Great Search Options to SUIT YOUR BUDGET
Choose the Best Option for Your Needs:
Contingency or Flat Fee



A competitive fee based on the candidate’s basic annual salary, payable when they start work. We offer three pricing options:

  • 17% of the candidate’s salary,  3-month free replacement guarantee.
  • 19% of the candidate’s salary, 6-month free replacement guarantee.
  • 21% of the candidate’s salary, 1-year free replacement guarantee.

Comprehensive support with interview scheduling, reference verification, and offer negotiation.

Enjoy a 15% discount off the placement fee if payment is made within 7 days of the candidate accepting (verbally or written) an offer, as opposed to paying within 30 days of them starting.


A Hybrid Solution - Guaranteed Results

A tiered pricing model based on the annual salary of the position:

  • For positions up to $49k salary: $3,000
  • For positions between $50k and $89k: $4,000
  • For positions $90k and above: $5,000

We commit to finding at least 3 suitable candidates who match your requirements and are interested. This is not just a promise; it’s a guarantee.

Full refund if we cannot find at least 3 suitable candidates within 30 days and you haven’t hired any of the candidates we sent.

You handle the interviews, reference checks, and offer negotiations.Hire multiple candidates from the resumes sent at no additional cost.

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