Why DIY Recruiting is Not an Option in Hospitality

The 4 Common Pitfalls You Can't Afford to Ignore

1. Protect Your Reputation

The Widespread Risk of Poaching

In an industry built on relationships, attempting to poach talent from competitors can backfire spectacularly. You risk more than losing a candidate—you jeopardize your reputation. Our specialized recruitment ensures discreet conversations, safeguarding your standing in the hospitality community.

2. Seal the Deal

The All-Too-Common Last-Minute Negotiation Dropouts

Lost a candidate during offer negotiations? You’re not alone. Many candidates in hospitality aren’t skilled negotiators and opt to walk away rather than articulate their needs. We serve as your negotiation conduit, revealing hidden deal-breakers and closing at-risk deals.

3. Eliminate Time-Wasters

The Ubiquitous 'Spray and Pray' and 'Ghosting' Phenomena

Drowning in irrelevant applications? Job sites make it easy for candidates to mass-apply. ‘Ghosting Candidates’ often apply to multiple jobs without scrutinizing the details, only taking a closer look once an interview is set up. By then, they realize it’s not a fit and ghost you. Our vetting process filters out these time-wasters, ensuring you only engage with genuinely interested and well-matched candidates.

4. Cut Through the Complexity

The Time-Drain of Unique Names, Specialties, and Ratings

The hospitality industry is a maze of unique names, diverse specialties, and varying ratings. Each restaurant and hotel you on a resume requires extensive research to understand its reputation and specialty. This isn’t just a challenge; it’s a colossal time-drain. Our proprietary database leverages AI and comprehensive lists of top-rated hotels and specialty restaurants to cut through this complexity, saving you invaluable time and ensuring you engage with the right candidates.

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